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CPAP & Travel

It’s important to continue your CPAP treatment when travelling.

Sleep apnea is a condition that can be managed but not cured. If you discontinue your CPAP or BiPAP treatment, your sleep apnea events will occur with the same frequency and intensity as they did before your treatment started.  You may or may not experience temporary benefit from previous treatment.

Here are the federal government guidelines, which tell you what you need to know about travelling with respiratory devices. (Download a PDF of this flyer.)

If required, Pacific Sleep Care can provide you with an authorized medical travel letter that will allow you to bring your CPAP equipment with you on airlines without being classified as carry-on baggage.

Remember to bring any electrical adapters you may need (available in most travel stores). We also have smaller, more compact models available, as well as oral appliances that may also be helpful for travelling.