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About Us

Pacific Sleep Care is a clinic of highly trained and dedicated sleep specialists who work with physicians on Vancouver Island to help diagnose and treat sleep disordered breathing conditions such as sleep apnea and loud snoring.

At Pacific Sleep Care, we are committed to building knowledge of sleep apnea symptoms and the health benefits of various treatments. Our patients’ well-being is our top priority, and our team enjoys working with people to restore healthy sleep patterns and improve their quality of life.

We are proud to offer the highest standard of professional care. We employ Registered Respiratory Therapists, Registered Polysomnographic Technicians, Dental Sleep Professionals, and Licensed Practical Nurses with sleep training. We follow the protocols for home monitoring of breathing patterns set by the Canadian Sleep Society.

Pacific Sleep Care is a small, locally owned company with locations in Campbell River, Courtenay, Nanaimo, and Cowichan. We provide warm, friendly, professional environments for testing, diagnosis, and consultation. Please drop in.

Our Services

All of our professional services require a physician’s referral. Start with our online sleep apnea evaluation, and go from there.

Sleep Disordered Breathing Evaluation

Your consultation with Pacific Sleep Care is free and can start with a simple questionnaire. You can choose to have the results of your online evaluation sent to your family physician.

Sleep Testing

We will provide you with a portable home monitor, loaned to you at no cost, to evaluate your breathing patterns during sleep. A Registered Polysomnographic Technician will read and score your results and send the results to your physician.

Professional Consultation

Every patient referred to us for treatment of sleep apnea will consult with a Registered Respiratory Therapist or a Licensed Practical Nurse with sleep training, who will discuss the treatment plan and expected outcomes.

Positive Airway Pressure Machines (CPAP, BiPAP, etc.)

We offer varying types of PAP therapy, depending upon the type of sleep apnea being treated. We provide trial CPAP machines at no cost while we work with you to optimize the effectiveness of your therapy. Once treatment options have been explored, you can purchase a CPAP machine at one of our locations. We are committed to your health, and offer special patient pricing for ongoing maintenance of your CPAP machine, as well as required supplies.

Oral Appliances

Oral appliances that move the lower jaw forward during sleep can be an effective treatment for loud snoring problems. We are one of the only sleep care clinics that offer in-office fittings with a Dental Sleep Professional, and which offer oral appliances from different manufacturers to meet individual patient needs. We find the right oral appliance for you, so that you and your family can enjoy more restful sleep.

Why Choose Us?

There are advantages to choosing Pacific Sleep Care: